Royals – Lorde cover by Kina Grannis

I really enjoy Kina’s voice and all the songs she has done. It’s awesome to hear her renditions of songs you hear alot on the radio (the cover of Safe & Sound to me was especially great). Anyways, Royals by Lorde is getting a lot of play right now on the airwaves and below is Kina’s cover of the song.

If you enjoy her style and voice, show your support and buy some of her songs or albums on iTunes.

The real world cost of being Iron Man

Well if you’re gonna do an analysis of the billionaire superhero with no super powers from the DC universe (see previous post), you might as well do the equivalent dude from the Marvel universe right? We all want to have this amount of money that won’t fit into our wallets, but since we don’t, here are some rfid wallets for men to hold the bit of cash we barely have in our pockets. Now here’s Iron Man’s details from the financial viewpoint:

Image source: MoneySupermarket;